Eames Demetrios is the proprietor of DASFilmFest.com.  Its purpose was to share and make films on Design Architecture Sustainability (and sometimes Art and Science).  From March 2006 to May 2014, it was a stand alone site. That resource was well used by teachers, but the programming of the site was painfully out of tune with social media and other tools.  So we are maintaining an archive of all the films we shared there on the DASFilmFest page of EamesDemetrios.com to keep them all together.  We plan to add to the list regularly. Meanwhile, the blogging function will be taken over by the journal page of this site as well as other social media.

Ray Eames: In the Spotlight

Discover Kcymaerxthaere

Powers of Ten

Eames Aluminum Group


Elephants are Coming

Handwork Reprise

77 Steps Reprise

Lightbulb Large

Solar Do-Nothing Machine

A Gathering of Elephants


Elephant Safaris--Into the Wilds

Lucy's House